Gas burns in the Crimea - and "burns" near Kiev: a new gas pipeline to the Crimea connected the peninsula to the mainland

On Tuesday, December 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched gas supplies to the Crimea from mainland Russia

On Tuesday, December 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched gas supplies to the Crimea from mainland Russia. After completion of the work on the connection of the gas transmission system of the peninsula to the main gas pipelines of the Russian Federation. While in Crimea they rejoice at the new gas pipeline, Ukraine nervously bites its elbows and sadly looks towards the happy Crimeans. Like gas in the Crimea, it caused the rage of Ukrainian trolls and delighted the inhabitants of the peninsula - in the material IA "People's News" .

With new gas

Now, after its launch, the Krasnodar Territory - Crimea gas pipeline will ensure uninterrupted gas supply to all categories of consumers on the peninsula. President Putin, who personally took part in the launch of the gas pipeline, congratulated the inhabitants of the peninsula, the workers and everyone who participated in the construction of the gas pipeline with this event.

"This is another very important decision for the development of the Crimea for the long term," Putin said at the ceremony.

According to Putin, on the basis of the incoming gas on the peninsula in 2017-2018, two power plants with a capacity of 470 megawatts will be built, which will cover the current electricity needs of the peninsula. The President pointed to the need to develop the infrastructure in Crimea according to plans and on time.

The total length of the gas pipeline is 358.7 km, including a double-stranded passage through Lake Tuzla and the Kerch Strait, as well as a gas pipeline to Simferopol with a length of 27.3 km. Putin reported on the completion of work on the accession of the Crimean gas transportation infrastructure even at a big press conference on December 23.

Ukraine burned

Such good news means only one thing: Crimea, as foreshadowed by Vladimir Putin, is no longer dependent on the pipeline laid across the territory of Ukraine. This event could not help but be called "pain" among the Ukrainian "patriots", "volunteers", "heroes" and other Internet evil.

The primacy in the general information run “Putin has let out the gas” can be given to Ukrainian television. As reported in Twitter, TV journalists found out the "terrible truth": supposedly, there is no Russian gas in the pipeline to the Crimea!

Such an amazing “turn of events” in Ukraine was taken seriously. Ukrainian trolls picked up the topic and started broadcasting that gas in Crimea was supposedly Ukrainian gas.

After this assumption, which was broadcast by the Ukrainian media, users even began to sneer at the situation:

The overwhelming number of Ukrainian "trolls" in social networks began to joke "for no reason", which already speaks of both the subtleties of the mind and the vague perception of reality. However, behind all these passages there is a deep feeling of resentment: how it is so - they blocked the Crimea, turned off the light and gas - and Putin outplayed them. Russian-speaking Twitter users advise "Svidomo" Ukrainians to continue to "explode" in social networks:

@unian Crimea is Russia, and the bridge will be built, and the gas is already flowing, burst from impotent malice ...

- Dmitry Nerotov (@ Dimon1959111) December 26, 2016

Expert: Russia behaves constructively, Ukraine - destructively

As noted in a conversation with IA "People's News" Igor Yushkov , leading expert of the National Energy Security Foundation, lecturer at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation , gas production in the Crimea in 2014-2015. close to the level of consumption, even there was a certain excess. However, due to the fact that Ukraine prevented gas production, Russia has prepared a good safety option in the form of a gas pipeline:

"In 2016, Ukraine began to hinder gas production at remote fields that are far from the coast of the Crimea. Even if Ukraine would recognize the separation of the Crimea, the fields are still in the water area of ​​the Odessa region. Ours removed two drilling platforms from harm and moved them closer to the shore. And the gas pipeline was made primarily for insurance, especially in winter periods. "

As Igor Yushkov notes, now Crimea will be able to provide itself with gas for the winter period in full. And besides, now there is an opportunity to do the restoration of the energy of the peninsula, to which Ukraine did not care.

“In order to cover the peak load, a gas pipeline was needed so that you could immediately supply a lot of gas to the Crimea. Naturally, from the point of view of current risks, it is necessary to have several sources of supply,” the expert emphasized. “It’s important to understand that the Crimea is very old. The Sevastopol and Simferopol TPPs are very old, still pre-war. Now new stations are being built - and accordingly, through this pipeline, it is assumed that gas consumption in Crimea will increase. "

Naturally, Ukraine will continue to scoff in relation to the Crimea - however, as Igor Yushkov notes, the commissioning of the gas pipeline and other actions of Russia aimed at the development of the peninsula have a positive effect on the situation around the Crimea in the eyes of not only Ukrainian, but also the world community.

"You can see how strikingly different approaches are. Ukraine says it wants to return the Crimea - at the same time it blocks light, gas and water. And Russia builds electricity grids and gas pipelines, and generally behaves constructively. That is, Russia has a constructive approach, and Ukraine is destructive, the expert notes. “Plus, the excess gas in the Crimea can also power Ukraine’s territory - this is positive for Russia, which shows that it can lend a helping hand to the Ukrainian public."