How to learn to relax?

  1. Why is it important to learn to relax?
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We are often sent questions that, in general, sound like this: "How to learn to relax and trust the Universe, if I have a burden of responsibility and care on my shoulders?" Indeed, the described situation is very relevant, and this is one of the most common problems that arise when performing almost any technique. Transports . Especially in the field of money.


Experienced practitioners already know that one of the main ways to increase financial well-being, to become rich and successful is correct broadcast . When all actions are performed from the state of total trust of the Universe, when you do not overstate importance and do not rush things ...

And it is here that difficulties arise. This is natural, because it is difficult to talk about relaxation, when you do not have a single free minute ..!

  • “I need to make money. At work constantly reporting periods, deadlines ... "
  • “I have a mountain of worries: pick up children from school, pick up their parents, cook dinner ...”
  • "It is unrealistic to relax with my business, what are you talking about!"

Familiar? Yes, now the pace of life is very fast, and in this crazy rhythm we often try to catch everything at once. And given our information age, it is becoming increasingly difficult. Many people do not cope with the huge flow of information that literally fall on them during the day - from the endless notifications on the phone and ending with bad news on TV or negative comments on social networks. We want to keep up, keep abreast of all the news, keep abreast of the times - and this becomes our main goal. But these gigabytes of information block free energy in the body and make it difficult to relax even after a busy day ...

It would seem that in this endless race, in this series of worries, affairs, problems, it is simply impossible to relax! But remember that this is first of all your choice. In fact, everyone can afford to relieve tension and enter the state of trust in the Universe. We only set priorities with you.

To learn how to learn to reduce the importance, read the article. “Redundant potential. How not to create it on the way to the goal? " .

Why is it important to learn to relax?

  • When you strive to have time to remake all the cases , you unconsciously clamped down and tensed, especially if you are a responsible person and a perfectionist. Increased stress levels. And sooner or later it leads to illnesses in which all your accumulated tiredness results.

  • Without the ability to relax you will not be attractive in appearance . When you are trapped inside all the time, it reflects on your appearance. And over time, all these clips and blocks in the body, again, provoke discomfort and pain. That is why nowadays so many people suffer from pain in the back and neck, from slouching and posture disorders. The "burden of care" and the pressure puts pressure in the literal and figurative sense.

  • Over-importance blocks energy . Straining and trying to keep up with everything, you yourself do not notice how you overestimate the importance and create redundant potentials absolutely for any reason. And this overestimated importance blocks energy, including monetary, and also hinders the realization of your intention.

  • The level of energy decreases. You feel tired and deprived of not only strength, but also any desires and goals.

  • You begin to unconsciously transmit the energy of anxiety , anxiety, excitement - instead of the energy of success, lightness and joy, which the money is spent on, with the result that the dream of wealth remains unattainable.

What to do to enter the state of lightness and trust of the Universe?

Right now, reading these lines, try to relax, only for real. Feel the relaxation inside your body. Watch yourself from the side. Relax your legs first, then your arms, then your back, then your neck, then your face ... It is best to do this while lying on the floor. Relaxing the physical body, you gradually come to the inner relaxation.

And then think: what excites you right now? What caused the stress? What are you afraid not to have time? Maybe part of the "very important" cases can be postponed? Or at least start to treat them easier and easier? Maybe you do not need to “rush to the embrasure” at all and save someone? And the world will not turn over if you do not do something - or do you do it imperfectly?

Now decide which activities and activities help you to relax and enter into harmony with yourself and with the world around you. Maybe it is a leisurely walk in the park or reading a book, going to the theater or singing alone? At least one of these activities must be included in all your everyday life, even if it is 10-15 minutes a day, but this is better than nothing.

Learn to relax - and then your intentions will be realized many times faster, the energy of abundance and success will fill your life, and you will find yourself on a wave of good luck! Just do not confuse relaxation with lethargy and indifference. To be relaxed is to be internally calm, and not to give up on everything and hide from problems. It's one thing to lie on the couch and do nothing. And it is quite another to do it, but to act from a state of lightness, relaxation, balance, play, and trust in Peace.

5 steps to relax

1. Formulate intention : “I can relax and live a full life: I rest, take care of myself, always find time for myself, broadcast the energy of joy and health.”

2. Set priorities. Write down the list of tasks that you usually perform in a day. Turn everything in there, including meals and phone conversations. And now look at what your energy goes during the day. Spread as a percentage: how much time you spend on social networks, how much - on the way to work, and how much - on cooking dinner. Consider: can something be cut or completely removed from your daily routine? Cut off all unnecessary. Perhaps it’s better to chat with friends live than on the Internet, and the evening viewing of news is better to replace with relaxing meditation or soft body-energy practice. And it may not be necessary to wash the floor every day. And let the mess be better in the closet than in your thoughts and life.

And let the mess be better in the closet than in your thoughts and life

3. Take time to relax. Be sure to put it in priority. Walking in the open air, physical activity, good sleep, relaxing evening rituals such as visualization or reading a book must be present in your daily routine. And also - traveling, trips to nature, dancing, swimming, games, sports - everything that helps you to distract from current problems, reduce the importance of, get new impressions and increase the level of energy.

4. Reduce the level of control. Realize that you cannot constantly control everything, be it work or family issues. Learn to trust other people. If you are a business owner, delegate part of the responsibilities to your employees, even if you are sure that you will do better. And do not control their every step - evaluate the final result. If you have a large family, follow the same pattern. Attract children, ask for help around the house, but do not control them too much, give them a reasonable freedom. Remember: you cannot be everywhere and immediately. And then, if you are morally and physically exhausted, you will definitely not be able to help your close people and support them. In the same way as you can not effectively manage your business.

5. Remove the clips in the body. In a relaxed person, as a rule, the clips in the body disappear by themselves. But you can act and vice versa: first remove the clips on the physical level, and then feel the inner relaxation. How to do it? Engage in any sport, try running body-energy practices , do morning exercises and evening exercises.

Read more about how to manage your reality, read the article. “How to start living life to the fullest with the help of Transurf reality?” .

Video: "How to learn to relax?"

In this video, Tatiana Samarina, founder and lead trainer of the Transurfing Center, answers in detail the question of how to relax and enter the state of total trust in the Universe, if problems and things do not give rest.

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Why is it important to learn to relax?
Are you ready for a new time?
We are often sent questions that, in general, sound like this: "How to learn to relax and trust the Universe, if I have a burden of responsibility and care on my shoulders?
How not to create it on the way to the goal?
Why is it important to learn to relax?
What to do to enter the state of lightness and trust of the Universe?
And then think: what excites you right now?
What caused the stress?
What are you afraid not to have time?