How to understand: what does my Soul want and what does not?

  1. Everything is so simple and easy!

Once I asked my Higher Self about how I should understand: what does my Soul want and what does not?

And I heard from him golden words that help me so far: “All that your heart wants to“ sing and dance ”is the desires of your Soul.”

Everything is so simple and easy!

Everything is so simple and easy

Our mind constantly “turns in the head”: is it true that I am doing, and whether I need to do it, and is it right ... He constantly asks, seeks the right and wrong decisions, gives rise to doubts and uncertainty, brings patterns and patterns, scares the possibility of a mistake ...

It is much easier to live with Soul - do everything that makes your heart happy and happy; do everything that your heart wants to "sing and dance." So simple and easy! This is life in joy, happiness and love, without fear of anything.

Only our mind creates problems in advance: what if someone condemns, suddenly someone does not understand, suddenly someone says that this is wrong, wrong, wrong ... Life with the mind is life in constant fear and limitations.

To live as a Soul is the complete freedom of being in the flow of unlimited love. A loving heart will never do something bad, will not hurt anyone, will not do any harm. It just does not know how, trust him.

Trusting the Soul is not to be afraid, if something does not work out for you, you cannot do something, your actions and actions will not accept and do not understand ... but simply follow your heart, your dream ... and finally do what you want for you.

Landmark to the Soul is our open heart, our pure love.

Poems written by the soul echo in the hearts of people. Things created with the soul become alive. The actions made from the heart, are remembered for a lifetime.

But to live by Soul is not some limited action, creativity, but absolutely Everything.

At first, in order to open up to the Soul, a person often finds for himself any kind of creativity that he is most drawn to. He begins to invest in this creation a part of himself, the Soul. These can be poems, stories, songs, crafts, handicrafts ...

But it is not yet the Soul to live, it is only the beginning of this path.

My dear ones, the Soul wants to open up in us fully and completely, to be everywhere and everywhere, so that we become true Gods on Earth. She dreams that we put her Light, her infinite Love, in every word and thought, in every act and action; to live in its high energies: joy, happiness and love.

This is her grand desire - to express herself, to open up and give her Light to the world. And we all go to this, we open our Soul, Love and Light to become it in the flesh.

It's so beautiful! This is such a wonderful and magical experience that cannot even be described in words. The time has come to know him all, since the energies of the quantum transition favor this disclosure and we are moving into the wonderful world of God-people, the world of the fifth dimension of the Earth, into a world where everyone lives with Heart and Soul.

Many cannot feel the desires of their Soul just because their mind is looking for something standard and limited, stereotyped direction of spiritual service. The soul wants to be Light everywhere ...

My dear ones, look into your heart and ask what exactly it wants. And most of you will feel that the heart wants only to love and give everyone their love.

And how to do this, the Soul will prompt you, just open it, let love into your life, stop thinking: what is right and what is not. Tell her: "My soul, I am ready / ready to follow you, open up to you ... Lead me, my Soul!"

Just trust the inner knowledge: do something that makes your heart “fun and light”, which makes your heart “sing and dance”. And you will not even notice how you will fulfill all your innermost desires and dreams. You simply will not notice how you find yourself on the path of your Soul.

With love to you all


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Once I asked my Higher Self about how I should understand: what does my Soul want and what does not?