The child is supervised by a megaphone. MegaFon “Beacon” service: how to connect, how to use? "Beacon" MegaFon - a child under supervision.

  1. The service "Beacon" from the operator "Megaphone"
  2. How to activate?
  3. How to use?

The article describes the service "Beacon" from "Megaphone" how to connect and use.


Such a service as " Beacon " from mobile operator " Megaphone " refers to the types of search for the location of certain subscribers directly on the geographical map. For example, the ability to determine the coordinates of the youngest members of society - children.

The service, thereby, will be very useful to all restless parents who want to constantly stay abreast of where their child is currently running. The “ beacon ” is slightly different in its operating principle from the “ Navigator ” and uses the cell identification method.

The service "Beacon" from the operator "Megaphone"

Determine the location of the subscriber, that is, the child, perhaps by calculating the location of his cell phone in space relative to other objects: streets, houses, parks, settlements, and so on. These objects are registered on an interactive map, and when a mobile phone is located at a particular point in the city, it will be possible to see exactly where it is located.

In this case, the parent number can be connected to any tariff plan from MegaFon : “ Go to Zero ”, “ All Inclusive ”, “ Moscow Region ” and others. But on the children's SIM card, which will be used to determine the coordinates, only such children's tariffs as Smeshariki , , Ring-Ding should be activated.

MegaFon as an insurance advises you to set a password for using the “ Beacon ” service connected to the child number, so that the child somehow could not break or delete all the settings. In addition, on the phone of a small citizen, the MMS service should function, and also maintain a positive balance on the personal account, otherwise the service “ Beacon ” will not work.

How to activate?

To activate the service " Beacon " parents need a children's SIM card, with one of the above-mentioned children's tariff plans connected to it.

Activation is performed by executing one of the following commands:

  1. Dial USSD-request * 141 * phone number # Call , where " phone number " is the number of the parent, who will receive further information about the location of his childSend an SMS message to number 1410 with the text " ADD 7ХХХХХХХХХХХХХX " (without quotes), where " 7ХХХХХХХХХХ " is the number of the parent

If you need to assign a password on the children's phone to protect the “ Beacon ” service, so that the child cannot manage it, you need to make a command from the children's mobile phone:

  • Send an SMS message to number 1410 with the text “ ADD 7ХХХХХХХХХХХ password ” or “ DOB 7ХХХХХХХХХХ password ” (without quotes), where “ 7ХХХХХХХХХХ ” is the number of the parent, “ password ” is the password to be set

A parent phone, like a child’s, must support the MMS function.

How to use?

As already noted, the “ Beacon ” service is activated on children's SIM cards and, accordingly, the balance of the personal account should be replenished in the children's room.

In order to determine the location of your child, you must run one of the following commands:

  1. Dial USSD request * 141 # Call
  2. Send an SMS without text to the number 1410

After the execution of one of these commands, the MMS should be sent to the parent’s phone with an image of an interactive map. This card will be marked and indicated in text form, where the child is at this point in time.

As for the accuracy of the determination, it depends on mobile phones and the work of MegaFon mobile stations. If the subscriber is located in the LTE / 4G zone, then the child’s location will be impossible to determine due to technical reasons.

All information processed by the “ Beacon ” service is confidential and inaccessible to other subscribers. The service operates throughout the Megafon network coverage area.

The number of both the sought-for (children) and seeking (parents) subscribers should be a maximum of five people.

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How to use?
How to activate?
How to use?